Digital marketing continues to grow, and the spirits industry is also getting on board with caution.  While it can be a bit tricky (i.e. following people who are definitely over 21, promoting responsible drinking… the list goes on), it can be seriously beneficial when done correctly. Check out these four ways spirits are making a splash in digital.  

  1. Johnnie Walker + Amazon Echo: Johnnie Walker has a new best friend, and her name is Alexa. They’ve teamed up with Amazon Echo so you can discover your whisky IQ or find a blend that works for your taste and budget, all without even leaving the couch. Welcome to the future, y’all.  

  2. Budweiser + Lyft: A big part of digital efforts for spirits is promoting safe transportation, and Budweiser is taking it to the next level. They’ve partnered with Lyft to offer a coupon code on their social media so that fans can get home safely for free. 80,000 rides will be offered by the end of 2016. Props to Budweiser!

  3. Malibu + Snapchat: Venturing to Snapchat has been a scary thought for liquor brands, with a large chunk of users being under the age of 21. However, they’ve have started to dip their toes in the water by sponsoring filters. Earlier this year, Malibu created a Memorial Day filter complete with a cocktail and text stating, “For 21 plus. Drink responsibly.” As the Snapchat audiences grows up, we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of where this came from.

  4. Jim Beam + Virtual Reality: Last year, Jim Beam used virtual reality to promote their Devil’s Cut Bourbon, taking consumers on a virtual bourbon roller coaster ride. After they take off the headset, the virtual shot glass becomes a real shot glass. It’s time to sample bourbon, the 21st century way.

What spirits brands have you seen making serious digital moves? Chat with us in the comments below.