I haven't had the chance to experiment with Twitter Cards for a client, so I was intrigued when I came across a Twitter Card, one of Twitter's latest ad offerings, in a Promoted Tweet. Here's the step by step experience from a customer viewpoint, otherwise known as "three clicks to a coupon".  

Step 1: Customer sees promoted tweet in feed.


blog 1

Step 2: Customer is intrigued. Clicks on tweet and is enticed with a coupon.


Twitter Card



Step 3: Customer clicks on offer, leaving the Twitter environment  and ending up on a landing page. (Unfortunately the coupon portion is one of the smaller call-outs on the page, but putting that aside,  it's there).


blog 3



Step 4: Customer can print off a pdf of the coveted coupon and buy some deli meat or sausage or whatever it is they're selling.


Twitter Card


A fairly seamless experience if you are on a desktop computer. Mobile may be a different story, but that's another blog post for another day.