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Courtney Sandora

Strategy Check

Whether it's a PR stunt or a well-crafted tweet, any communication effort needs to ladder back up to your business goals.

Having been on the agency side in New York and Chicago and the client side at Brown-Forman in Louisville, Courtney has a knack for what matters most to businesses. 


michael moeller

senior pr + social manager

Whether he's hosting podcasts, shooting video, or experimenting with 360° photos, Michael brings fresh approaches to content creation. Michael comes from a background of managing social media accounts in food, beverage, sports radio, and more. 


Erik Underwood

Graphic Whiz

Founder of Erik Underwood Graphic Design, Erik makes sure every post, tweet and pin tells the right visual story. At Go Social, we understand that the image sometimes matters more than the words.


Michael kraus

community manager

Whether he's taking photos, writing articles, creating graphics or thinking up the perfect copy for a post, Michael seeks to bring a jack-of-all-trades approach to social media marketing.

Along with being a University of Kentucky graduate, Michael comes from a background in managing social media accounts and creating content for local business and restaurants, as well as mental health services companies.