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YouTube Sensations Cashing In

Let's be honest, we love to laugh at people's misfortunes - take Fail Blog - or just laugh at odd things in general - take Double Rainbow guy or talking dog who says "Batman." But so often the subjects of this laughter have to sit back and just watch the comments and views rack up without having much power. (Unless they are lucky enough to get a Tosh.0 web redemption, but what are the chances of that?) So I say here's to you Double Rainbow guy for making some money with your new Double Rainbow iPhone app. I'm willing to pay you $.99 for the good chuckle you gave me. And here's to you Antoine Dodson for inspiring the very catchy "Bed Intruder" song. I'm willing to drop cash on iTunes to support you as well.

I think it is great these YouTubers are taking back some power and turning their 15 minutes of fame into something lucrative. It will be interesting to see if this becomes more of the norm.