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Facebook Engagement Rates - Top 10 Pages

Inside Facebook recently published a list of the most liked pages, and since these pages are successful in terms of gaining likes, I wanted to see if they were also successful in terms of engaging their fan base. To do this I averaged the total interactions (likes and comments) off the pages' last ten wall posts and divided it by the total number of fans of the page to get an engagement rate. I also used Inside Facebook's stats to reach the average number of new daily likes each page was pulling in. Having run some fairly large Facebook pages I'm a firm believer that the more fans you have the more new daily likes you receive. A large page is easier to grow, because there tends to be more newsfeed activity from fans.

So here are the results:

In terms of gaining new daily likes, Facebook itself was raking in the most people, although their engagement rate was not the highest. I actually found it odd they were drawing in so many new people. No proof, but I'm wondering if new users think they are supposed to "friend" Facebook when they join?

When it came to engagement Justin Bieber had the highest rate at .22%. One reason for this - Justin seemed to write his own posts at times, which is very different than some of the other artsits' pages which were more promotional. Shakira's page was mostly about her new album but the one post that did look like it was actually from the star drew in 200K+ interactions.

At the end of the day, fans seemed to want more of the same - value (free stuff, chances to win), the inside scoop/behind the scenes and authentic interactions from brands/people they would otherwise never have the chance to meet.

How does your page measure up to these engagement rates