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The Battle of the Stories: Instagram vs. Snapchat


The Battle of the Stories: Instagram vs. Snapchat

First Snapchat, now Instagram. It’s safe to say that 24-hour stories are the name of the social game these days. So which one do you use? What’s the difference? How do you even use them? No worries. We’re here to give you some insight so you’ll not only be a pro at Stories, but know why you should be using these platforms for your business.  

The “Story” Process

Aside from clicking on a different app from the home screen of your phone, the process of creating and sharing a story is very similar.

For Snapchat, you simply open the app, snap a picture or video and add it to your Story. Of course, before you click send, you’ll want to select a duration for the picture and add a caption or drawing. Oh, and you can’t forget about that dog filter and a bitmoji if you want to make it elaborate. Once you’ve added it, you can view your Story and others by swiping left.

Instagram Stories on the other hand, are newer and will feel different and similar all at once. In order to create your Story, click the plus button in the top right corner to access your camera. Here, you can either take a picture or add a photo from your Camera Roll from the past 24 hours. After you’ve chosen your photo or video, add a caption or drawing and add it to your Story. Yes, it’s that easy… and alike. Now, take a look at the top of the home screen on each app. That’s where you’ll find your Story and well as others.

So What’s the Difference?

Besides the silly filters and a handful of geotags, Instagram made their Story feature almost identical to Snapchat’s. The main difference? One Business Insider article says that it’s all about content creation creation versus content consumption. When you open Snapchat, you’re prompted with your camera, basically screaming at you to snap a photo of what’s happening right at that moment. When you open Instagram, other Stories are nicely aligned at the top, just asking to be opened, so you’re more likely to open those first before venturing to create one of your own.

Why You Should Use Stories

Whether you choose to go with the original 24-hour creator, Snapchat, or opt for the new kid on the block, Instagram, we suggest choosing at least one. They give your brand the opportunity to offer a behind-the-scenes view of the company — something that fans crave. Show your polished side of the company on the traditional feed, and give the behind-the-scenes angle on your Story. As with anything in social it is best to test and learn. If you see higher fan interaction and engagment incorporate more stories into your content strategy. Which platform will you choose? Let’s have a discussion in the comments below.