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7 tips for raising engagement rates on Facebook

There is nothing more disheartening than putting up a post and then checking your insights to see there was little or no response. They've come, they've fanned you and they've stuck around so you know they like you a little, even if they aren't responding. The key question is how do you jumpstart a like to a love? Since social media allows you to test and re-test try these tips and watch to see what happens. 1. Look at the frequency of your posting. Too many posts may dissuade people from feeling the urgent need to respond. Why like this post when I know ten more are just around the corner?

2. Check yourself. Look at the content of your post. Is it something that is important to you and your organization only or is it something that your fans would find amusing or useful?

3. Look at the previous posts. When was engagement the highest? What types of topics got your fan base talking? The good thing about social is people will tell you what they like. It's your job to take notice.

4. Look at the length of your post. Time and time again, I've found the shorter the post, the higher the engagement.

5. Look at the wall posts generated by fans that aren't in response to a post you put up. What questions are they asking? What pictures are they posting? What topics are they starting without you even prompting them? These proactive posts will give you insight into what types of things your audience wants to talk about.

6. Look at the time of day you post. Test a few different times and see if engagement levels change. Maybe your fans are more apt to check Facebook on their lunch hour.

7. Finally, are you setting yourself up for engagement? Are your posts asking for people's responses or are they just telling them info. Not every post has to end with a question, but you should give people a nudge to participate from time to time. "Happy Thanksgiving" is very different from "What are you looking forward to eating the most this Thanksgiving?"

Here's to seeing more action on your insights page, and remember they like you, they already said they like you, so chin up.