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If Facebook Became MySpace

Stats came out from Inside Facebook saying Facebook usage has decreased in North America as has new users flocking to the site. Facebook is huge, mammoth even, but not invincible. And while I think it is far from dead, these stats did get me thinking - how would my life change if Facebook became MySpace? After all, I never really engaged on MySpace so this would be my first serious social network break up. 1. Birthdays would become more lonely. I admit it - I love getting swarmed by birthday messages from people I haven't talked to all year or make that five years. I loved to be loved on my bday. Would miss that. I also would have a heck of a time remembering other people's birthdays. Those event notifications have saved my hide many a time.

2. I may have to actually go to my high school reunion. I went to the 10 year, but saw no need to go to the next one as I follow most people on Facebook, or at least have friends who follow people so I can sneak a peak at their pictures if I'm curious.

3. I'd have to spend at least a week downloading my photo collection. Would I return to Snapfish? Naw. Flickr? Perhaps.

4. I'd need to dust off my address book. I've gotten lazy about asking phone numbers and email addresses.

5. Would need to spend large chunks of time finding the next "Facebook" and then convincing my friends to join.